Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Convert your Headphones into a Microphone under 10 seconds!!!

Don't have a mic at home? don't worry your head phone can do the job.These days there will be hardly any body who doesn't own a pair of head phones. Now, here is a fantastic that people hardly know to covert their headphones into a mic!
  1. Connect your head phone to the pink jacket of the sound card.
  2. Now open any sound recorder software and start recording.
  3. Now take the head phone near to your mouth and speak loudly.
  4. You will notice the sound recorder recording tour noise.
Yes i didn't even took 10 sec right!. This trick will not give a perfect result.Also you have to speak much more louder than normal.Any way you can tell that you now have a microphone in your home.



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