Friday, February 20, 2009

Change Fonts in Google Adsense Ads (New Feature!!!!) / Use different Fonts in Adsense Ads

Adsense have been experimenting with different types of Fonts in the Google Adsense ads for the last few months. But the users were not allowed to change the fonts and use them as per their wish. Now there google has presented its adsense publishers an option to change the default fonts......

The default Standard Adsense font family will be applied by default. You can customize each ad unit separately or there is an option called Ad Display Preferences (seen under fonts) which allows you to apply one setting to all the ad units you are using in your website.
Change Fonts in  Google Adsense Ads
To change the fonts in Google Adsense ads : Go to Adsense Setup > Manage Ads. Now select the ad unit in which you want to use a different font and save the changes.

Presently Adsense have provided only three type of fonts Arial, Times and Verdana.

Changing the fonts will make the Adsense ads get blend more with your website content.

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