Monday, June 1, 2009

Automatically Follow your twitter Followers with Tweet later

Automatically Follow your twitter Followers with Tweet later

Most of the twitter users follow back the people who follows them. Getting two or three twitter followers daily wont be a problem to you when you need to follow them back. But what if you get hundreds of followers? It will be very hard to follow each and every one of them. So how about following your twitter followers automatically? If you are looking for something like that then Tweet later is for you.

Tweet later is a feature rich tool that not only help you to Auto Follow the people who follow you on twitter, but it has many other useful options. With Tweet Later you can…

  • Track keywords on twitter

  • Send Direct messages to your twitter followers easily at once

  • Upload and Schedule tweets for future

  • Add as many twitter accounts at once

  • Ability to Auto Follow your twitter followers

  • Automatically Unfollow your titter followers and more..

How to Automatically Follow Your Twitter users using Tweet Later

First you need to have an account in Tweetlater in order to enjoy this features. Don’t worry it is free.

So after creating an account at tweetlater go to “Add Account” section.

You will be presented with so many options in there. Among them you will see an option called Auto Follow the people who follow you and that's it.

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