Friday, October 16, 2009

Speed Up SSDs (Solid State Drives) Easily

SSD's are a then newest storage medium available today. With much much higher read/ write speeds than the normal hard disks. Though they are not available in sizes as the normal hard drives sizes like 500GB, 1TB some people still prefer them due to their performance gain over the normal hard disks. SSDs are gaining momentum. They will go at a faster rate wen the prices starts to fall. When you utilize them you will be looking to get the maximum speed from them. Here is a way to Speed Up SSDs.

A small utility called FlashFire can speed up the SSDs easily in Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7.
FlashFire uses the computer memory to speed up the read and write speeds of the SSDs. It is not clearly explained by the software manufacturer how it does so.
But Flash Fire really works. It can speed up your SSDs and give a considerable amount of performance gain.

Speed Up SSDs (Solid State Drives) EasilyThe program has slightly small limitations. FlashFire needs to be started with certain command line parameters.

The command for starting FlashFire is flashfire.exe on to turn it on or flashfire n (n is the drive letter which FlashFire should speed up here it is the SSD).

If you are using flashfire.exe on command line, you need to ensure that a SSD is the configured drive in the Windows Registry. You can Go to The Windows Registry and browse to


and verify the drive number of the SSD (Solid State Drive).

Also go to


and verify that drive number is the value of the Disknum key.

Using flashfire.exe off command line can shut down the program.
You can notice the speed improvement on your SSDs after its installation and a reboot.
Download FlashFire

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