Monday, March 23, 2009

Get MAC like Focus border in Windows Explorer for XP

In MAC when we are using any of the edit boxes, buttons etc. and blue border will be shown around the border of the box. This will help us to keep us focused in our work. So, we can concentrate more. This is really a unique feature present only in MAC Operating Systems.At times our attention will go away from what we are working on in Windows XP. This utility wil help us to stay focused. So here is how to get this cool and unique feature in Windows Xp too.

All you need to have is Focusin . A small freeware utility that will bring this cool feature of MAC in Windows XP Operating Systems.

Get MAC like Focus border in Windows Explorer for XP

Just run the utility and it will sit to the Windows taskbar silently and will provide the focus borders in Windows Explorer.

Right clicking the utility on the Taskbar will show the " Preferences " option. You make Focusinstart with Windows from here.

The theme of the Utility is designed for Leaprod XP Visual Style. So it will be more blended if you are using the Leapord XP Visual Style in Windows XP. Just google for " Leapord XP visual style " and you will get that too.

Download Focusin for XP

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Anonymous Rajesh said...

Thanks for this Focus Border.

March 24, 2009 at 5:00 PM  

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