Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Lock Windows Using USB Flash Drives

Locking our computer definitely comes into play when you are not the only user of it. There are many ways to lock our windows operating system. Usually in most of the ways, for locking windows you need to have a password entered for it. And again you need to type in a password in order to unlock windows. These days USB Flash drives are so common and almost all the computer users have one with them. So, how about making use of these USB flash drives to lock your windows computer?

Lock Windows Using USB Flash DrivesPredator is a small windows utility that will help you to lock the current windows session easily just by unplugging your USB flash drive. Using Predator some what like using a key to open a door! Doesn't that very simple.
Predator is a tool meant for windows not for your USB Flash drives. As soon as Predator is run it will ask you for a password to enter. This is done to ensure that you can gain access to windows in case if you lost your USB Flash Drive.

Lock Windows Using USB Flash Drives
Type the password in the preferences window. From now on, to lock the current windows session just unplug the USB Flash drive from your computer. And to unlock windows just plug the USB Flash Drive again. Its that simple. You dont need to take the pain of entering the windows password each and every time you lock your current windows session.
There are many other features predator has it can keep a log file which can be used to find out whether somebody has tried to access you pc in your absence. For an added security Predator will change the keys on the USB drives frequently to prevent any one from accessing your system using a copied keyfile.
When you remove the Flash Drive from your computer the screen will go blank, there by locking the current windows session. You need not worry about your Flash drive as predator wont do any thing with it.

Download Predator

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