Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Windows 7 RTM Build 7260 leaked (7260.0.x86fre.win7_rtm.090612-2110.client_en-us.ultimate.vhd)

The First candidate release on the Windows 7 RTM branch Windows 7 RTM is the Windows 7 Build 7260 has been out on the torrent websites today. This time too Wzor is behind the leakage of Windows 7 Build 7260. Windows 7 Build 7260 has the build string 6.1.7260.0.win7_rtm.090612-2110.

Screenshot of Windows 7 Build 7260 x86

Windows 7 RTM Build 7260 leaked (7260.0.x86fre.win7_rtm.090612-2110.client_en-us.ultimate.vhd)

More Details of Windows 7 RTM Build 7260 x86


FILE: 7260.0.x86fre.win7_rtm.090612-2110.client_en-us.ultimate.vhd

(the original VHD is packed RAR archive, size of the RAR file: 1,919,600,205 byte

SHA1: 0FF53F8ED2BBC0B1B174B47F80055BB3DACF2F01)

SIZE: 5,185,507,840 bytes

CRC: 67C23FE0

MD5: 0703C259676D7E4C58E0EF2184369663

SHA1: 7540399601506675CF1B329CB3507875F64C555B

Download Windows 7 Build 7260 x86

Since i cant post torrents here please check for more details regarding Windows 7 Build 7260 or just see any popular torrent site you will get it.



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