Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to Get Back the Thumnail view in vista\Enable Thumbnail view in Vista

You are used to the thumbnail view for previewing image and video file types on Windows Explorer in Windows Xp.In vista this option is not seen and instead large icon types are provided by default.
Vista can display the thumbnails too.But the option to enable them is hidden by default.This is how you can get them back.
  1. Open Windows Explorer and go to tools>Folder options.
  2. Select the "Advanced settings" in the view tab.
  3. Search for the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails".
  4. Deactivate the option and Confirm the setting by clicking "Apply" and then "OK".
  5. Now you have to only select an icon variant for display under "View" so that the icons get turned into thumbnails.
  6. You can even get the preview of the marked item in the lower part of the list view.
Note: Enabling the Thumbnail option in old Pc's will take time to display, especially in the case of video files.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Avoid System Restart after Installing a program/Solution to avoid Restarting Windows after a software installation

Haven't you noticed some programs asking you to restart windows after its installation.?This will be really frustrating when you are at the middle of a work.If you have a lot of programs opened up and running you have to start all of them again.So here is a trick to remove such a situation.
  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and the start manger will open up.
  2. Look for the process namely "explorer.exe".
  3. Right click on it and select "End process" and press "Yes" in the next dialog box.

Here is an alternative to the above steps.

Type the following commands in notepad and save as "Terminate explorer.bat"

@echo off
taskkill/f/IM explorer.exe

You can execute the following file instead of the above steps.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reduce Vista's harddisk usage/ReduceThe Area Reserved For System Restore In Windows Vista

In windows vista the system restore feature is build in .It really helps when our system get corrupted.Usually the system restore feature takes 15% of the total hard disk space.We often doesn't care about it. But after a prolonged time it matters.Imagine that you have a 500 GB hard disk. With in few days the system restore feature will eat upto 75 GB of the hard disk space.So it really matters.There is no option in Vista to change the space reserved.So we need to provide some commands to do it.
  1. Got to start and type command prompt.You will see the program.Right click it and select Run as administrator.
  2. Type the following commands.
    vssadmin list shadowstorage
  3. Next we need to change the space reserved.So type the following command.
    vssadmin resize shadowstorage / on = C:/ for = C:/ maxsize = 10GB 
  4. Here C is where your Vista has been installed.If it is installed on another drive change it accordingly.
That's it you have regained approximately 65 GB on haddisk space.

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Use Mobile Phone as WEBCAM

If you have a good camera phone and bluetooth connection with your PC you can easily use your mobile phone as webcam.So here's how you do it.

  1. Go to "Application" folder.
  2. Select the application named "webcam" from there.
  3. Open it and select options.
  4. Click connect.
  5. A window showing the recently connected bluetooth devices can be seen.
  6. If you don't find your PC there select "more devices" option and select your pc from there.
  7. A computer icon near to your pc name represent your PC.
  8. The preview windows may be larger on your PC.
  9. The video quality depend on the resolution of the camera you use.

Hope you got it.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Set Videos as wallpaper in Xp/Vista (without any software)

Haven't you seen the videos as background in vista ultimate? This is done with the help of a software called Dreamscene.But you can get the same in Windows Xp too and that too without the help of any software.So here's how you do it.
  1. Download the following file from here and open the file.
  2. Then replace "my favorite video" with you favorite video's file name.
  3. The values 800 represent the vertical pixel and 1280 represent horizontal pixels of your screen resolution.
  4. Find you screen resolution and replace the values.
  5. While replacing add 100 to vertical pixel and add 256 to horizontal pixels.For example here you have to add 100 to 800 =900 and 256 to 1024 = 1280.
  6. Then replace values.
  7. Now save the file as anyname.html.
  8. To save the text file as html select file from notepad then select save as select all files in save as type and type your file name and add .html together with it .
  9. Now copy your video file in the same place where the previously created html file exist's.
  10. Now go to properties by rightclicking your desktop.
  11. Select browse from desktop tab and select html file type and select the html file which you have created.
  12. Select apply.Mission accomplished!!!.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Install Windows Vista from (using) Pendrive (100 % working)/ Create a bootable Pendrive or USB to install Windows Vista [updated]

Here's a small tutorial to make pendrives or USB drives bootable and to install Windows Vista using it. This trick come in handy if you don't have a DVD/CD drive. Installing from a pendrive will make Windows Vista installation very fast. Alternatively here is a Free Utility To Create A Bootable USB To Install Windows 7, Vista & Server 2008. This tool will help you to automate the process of bootable pendrive's and you can install windows vista from pendrive easily. If not you can follow this guide to install vista from pendrive.

  1. First you need to format the pendrive or USB drive in NTFS format. (Make sure you are following this guide with windows vista installed)
  2. This can be done by right clicking your pendrive icon and choosing format option.
  3. Now from the start menu right click on command prompt and choose "Run as administrator".
  4. Now type the following commands.
  5. diskpart .The disk part program windows will open.
  6. Then type list disk.This will show the list of disks in your computer.
  7. Note down the disk number of your pendrive from the list eg. Disk 1.
  8. Now type CLEAN.
  9. Now type the following commands by pressing enter after each one.
  11. SELECT PARTITION 1 (Assuming your pendrive/ USB drive is 1).
  12. ACTIVE
  14. ASSIGN
  15. EXIT(Now the disk partition program will exit). Now we need to give some more commands.
  16. Now insert the Windows Vista Installation DVD and to your DVD drive.
  17. Here i am assuming DVD drive as G and Pendrive as I.(Change it accordingly).
  18. Now type G:CD BOOT
  19. Now type this command BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 I: to update your USB drive with bootmgr code.
  20. Finally copy all the contents from the Windows Vista DVD to your Pendrive. Make sure you don't cause any errors.
  21. Now set the boot priority to your pendrive from bios and you can proceed with the installation as normal.

Now vista can be installed on any pc with the help of this pen drive you have just created now.

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