Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Lock Windows Using USB Flash Drives

Locking our computer definitely comes into play when you are not the only user of it. There are many ways to lock our windows operating system. Usually in most of the ways, for locking windows you need to have a password entered for it. And again you need to type in a password in order to unlock windows. These days USB Flash drives are so common and almost all the computer users have one with them. So, how about making use of these USB flash drives to lock your windows computer?

Lock Windows Using USB Flash DrivesPredator is a small windows utility that will help you to lock the current windows session easily just by unplugging your USB flash drive. Using Predator some what like using a key to open a door! Doesn't that very simple.
Predator is a tool meant for windows not for your USB Flash drives. As soon as Predator is run it will ask you for a password to enter. This is done to ensure that you can gain access to windows in case if you lost your USB Flash Drive.

Lock Windows Using USB Flash Drives
Type the password in the preferences window. From now on, to lock the current windows session just unplug the USB Flash drive from your computer. And to unlock windows just plug the USB Flash Drive again. Its that simple. You dont need to take the pain of entering the windows password each and every time you lock your current windows session.
There are many other features predator has it can keep a log file which can be used to find out whether somebody has tried to access you pc in your absence. For an added security Predator will change the keys on the USB drives frequently to prevent any one from accessing your system using a copied keyfile.
When you remove the Flash Drive from your computer the screen will go blank, there by locking the current windows session. You need not worry about your Flash drive as predator wont do any thing with it.

Download Predator

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back After The Worst Night Mare Happened in my life!!!

Forgot Google Account PasswordThe last four days in my life was the worst days ever. The worst ever night mayor happened in my life. Here is what happened.

3 days back i have updated my google account with a new and strong password. On the next day i woke up in the morning at 6 am and opened my browser to sign in to my Google account. I was shocked to see that i was not able to login to my google account. Then the idea of resetting the password came to my mind. So i went for it. But again i lost my hope. I haven't given a secondary email address for my google account. But after trying again i was presented with the security question to which i dont know the correct answer! My heart almost stopped at that time.
All This happened because i have created a google account two years back. I was a total newbie at that time to the world of internet. So i didn't care about filling the security question, adding a secondary email address etc. I just scribbled some thing in there to create an account in a hurry. Then after i havent cared about such things since there didn't arise an idea of creating a strong password for my account.

With all my hope lost i used this google form and contacted google filling the required details. But the very next day i got a the reply that google cant give my account back since the details i provided was not enough.
After all that i created a new email address and contacted many friends telling about this problem. They all told me not to lose hope and there will be some way i will get my account back. So the next morning again i have filled the form after thinking a lot and calculating the exact date i created my account etc, i filled the form correctly.
And Luck blessed me today with a mail from Google Team saying that they have set the email i send them as my secondary email address and i can reset my account's password.
And i Thank my Friends and the Great Google Team for the Quick Support They Provided.
So friends, think before you do any thing. If you are i the habit of forgetting important things write down it on a bool or paper and keep it safely. There is no harm in doing it. And nobody should do this same mistake again after reading this.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Download Google Chrome Session Saver (Restore) Addon/Extension

One of the vital features that makes a browser complete is the session saver or session restore feature. Opera and Mozilla Firefox have those features embedded in them. We realize the importance of such a feature when we close our browsers with a lot of tabs opened. So when we start the browser next time we dont require to open those websites again if the browser has the session saver or session restore feature. The first thing that made me love Opera browser was the session saver (session restore) feature of it. The most buzzed Google Chrome browser came out with blazing speed, clean looks etc. and have managed to impress many internet users. But why i dont use Chrome much is because of the lack of the session save feature in Chrome. But from now on its not because the the Session Saver (Restore) Addon has been released for Google Chrome.

I dont know why Google didn't embed this very useful session saver/restore feature in Chrome. But any way you can now enjoy the wonderful session saver feature or extension with by installing the session saver Addon in Google Chrome which was meant to opera and firefox earlier.
The Session Saver (Restore) Addon for Google Chrome can save, restore and manage multiple sessions.

Screen Shots of Session Saver (Restore) Addon/Extension for Google Chrome

 Download Google Chrome Session Saver (Restore) extension/addon /Addon
Session Saver Addon For Google Chrome

Features of Session Saver (Restore) Addon/Extension for Google Chrome

  •  Saves all tab urls for all chrome windows.
  • Saves multiple sessions with custom names.
  • Loads all urls from saved session to current window in new tabs.
  • Can view all urls to copy/paste from.
  • Can save tabs just for current window.
  • Can close saved tabs.

After you have installed the Session Saver extension in Google Chrome a save icon will be visible in the status bar.
On clicking the save icon you will see a popup window to give a name and save the current session to disk. When you need to restore any particular session saved before click on the save icon and select the session you want to restore from the list followed by clicking the load button.
You can now restore the last browsing session in Google Chrome.

Download Session Saver Addon/Extension For Google Chrome

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How To Delete NTFS Partition Safely & Easily

For some or other reason you might have come across a situation where you need to Delete NTFS Partition in your system and NTFS partition is the most widely used Hard Disk Partition today. You will definitely think of deleting your NTFS partition from your Hard Drive when your computer becomes old and you are going to lend it to some body else. Deleting the NTFS partition really matters to you especially if you have sensitive data on your Old Hard Disk in this case. Delete NTFS Partition Safely Deleting the data in the Hard Disks using FDISK, FORMAT utilities, or DELETE standard operating system commands are not sufficient enough to wipe off the data since there is a chance to recover deleted files using data recovery softwares. So here i will explain how you can safely and easily delete NTFS Partition from your computer.

Most of us believe that simply Deleting or Formatting a Hard Disk will completely remove the data contained in it. But it wont. The data deleted or formatted from a Hard Disk can be safely recovered with todays Data Recovery Programs.

You need not worry if you delete the data the safe way. A handy Free utility called Kill Disk will safely delete the NTFS partition from your system without requiring too much effort.
The KillDisk utility efficiently deletes the NTFS partition or the complete data in your Hard Disk with DoD 5220.22-M US government standards. So chances of recovering those deleted data from the NTFS partition is almost negligible!
KillDisk can be easily operated from a bootable CD/DVD, USB and it Scans NTFS and FAT volumes and displays existing and deleted files and folders.
Download KillDisk to Delete NTFS Partition

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

How To Create Videos From Images/Photos For Free

Wont it be nice to convert our favorite photos into videos? Images / Photos taken using digital Cameras can be well presented by converting them into beautiful videos. Instead of sporadically saving photos in your PC, it adds more value if you could make those photos into wonderful slideshows for free. It would be better if you can combine all the images taken at some important occasion into beautiful looking slideshows.How To Create Videos From Images For Free
Here comes PhotoFilmStrip that will answer your question on how to create videos from images. The task of creating slideshows from images is not a tedious job at all if you have the right tools with you. The task will be completed in a matter of minutes! with PhotoFilmStrip.
PhotoFilmStrip will create beutiful slideshows from images in just three steps.

How To Create Videos (Slideshows)from images with PhotoFilmStrip

  • First Select the photos/ images from which the video or slideshow is to be created.

  • Customize the motion path

  • Render the video

  • PhotoFilmStrip supports Popular Video output formats such as VCD, SVCD, DVD up to FULL-HD.

    PhotoFilmStrip Screen Shot- Create Videos from Images

    Create Videos From Images Free

    Download PhotoFilmStrip

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    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    70 Useful Windows Commands Into One Application - Must Have Windows Tool

    You might have experienced many difficulties like " Not able to Kill Running Application", "Can't close a Non Responding Application" etc. while working with windows. There are many such similar problems like that. Newbies will find it hard to solve these problem (not just the above two alone). It wont be easy for them to quickly solve these windows problems. So, here is a tool that has a collection of 70 useful commands which is embedded into one application for instant use. This tool will be a boon for the non-technical users.

    Commands in Demand is a free handy tool for Windows 7, Vista and XP that has more than 70 commands that may be needed instantly for a purpose while working with Windows.
    Commands in Demand comes with many easy shortcuts to terminate non-responsive applications, open a command prompt in a selected folder, restart Windows Explorer, view TCP/IP configuration settings, view/clear the clipboard, access system folders etc.
    To make things easier Commands in Demand has categorized the commands according to were its commands are related. The commads are categorized as Application errors, Application visible window, Clipboard, Desktop, Devices, Files and Folders, Graphics, Icons, Internet, Memory and CPU, Network, System, SysTray, Taskbar, and Windows applications.

    70 Useful Windows Commands Into One Application - Must Have Tool For Non Geeks

    How to Use Commands in Demand

    This tool is ver easy to use. Just install the application, run it, select the required category to execute the needed commands.

    Some of the Commands Available with Commands in Demand:

    » Applications' Shortcuts creator to minimize applications in the System Tray.
    » Clipboard real-time Editing
    » Color Sample Picker
    » Command Prompt starter in any folder of the System
    » Desktop Icons Refreshing
    » Desktop Shortcuts Copy to a desirable folder
    » Device Manager with Hidden Devices
    » Hide / Show Desktop Icons
    » Icons Extraction from files
    » Image Convention of known formats
    » Internet Searching with Two Engines simultaneously
    » List Alphabetizer Application
    » Memory and CPU Info
    » Memory Instantly Cleaning
    » Non-Responding Applications Killing
    » Running Processes Killing
    » Safely Removal of USB Drives
    » Screenshots of whatever is visible
    » System Drives Quick Cleaning
    » System instant General Refresh
    » System's Clock Hiding
    » System's Volume Mute
    » Taskbar Hiding
    » Transparency Level to the Active window
    » Transparency Level to the Taskbar
    » URL Shortcuts creation
    » User's and Common System Folders browsing
    » Windows commonly used and hidden applications starter
    » WinLogoKey shortcuts simulator and more....
    These commands are very useful for all the windows users. Hope You will love it.

    Download Commands in Demand

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    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    20 Keyboard Shortcuts to Enhance Your Web Browsing Speed

    Shortcuts are one of the key ways to go if you are thinking of how can i work more faster with my web browser? No matter what all tweaks you apply to speed up your browsers still you will find some thing missing. Yes! they are Keyboard Shortcuts. Using Keyboard Shortcuts will greatly help you to work faster with your browser. A lot of your time and energy can be saved by using simple Keyboard Shortcuts?Keyboard Shortcut's to Speed Up Web Browsing So, it is essential to know some basic Keyboard Shortcuts that will help you to work faster with your Web Browser and saves you a lot of time. Here are some of them.

    Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari

    Ctrl + T (Open A New Tab) - Instead of right clicking and selecting or clicking the New Tab option, using the Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut will help you open a new tab in the current window.

    Ctrl + W (Close the Current Tab) - Like Opening a New Tab in your browser, this will help you to Close the Current Tab you are working with.

    Ctrl + N (Open A New Window) - This will help you to open up a new window in your browser.

    Ctrl + D (Bookmark Current Website) - Bookmark your useful websites using this easy shortcut.

    F5 ((Refresh)) - Refresh the Current Open Tab.

    Ctrl + F5 (Hard Refresh) - Clear the cache of the current stored webpage and stores a fresh new copy. Thats what a Hard Refresh is for. Helpful when just posted comments don't appear etc.

    Ctrl + H (Show History) - You know it! Show the history of previously visited webpages.

    Ctrl + L or Alt + D or F6(Not For Opera) (Highlight Search Bar) - No need to move your mouse and click on the address bar to type a websites address in your browser again. Just use this quick shortcut.

    Ctrl + E (Highlight Search Bar) - This will move the cursor to the search bar. Save the time you move your mouse over to the search bar!

    Ctrl + (+/-) (Zoom In/Out) - Zoom in or Zoom out the current pages.

    Ctrl + F (Find) - Instantly find a particular text on the current page.

    Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (Copy/Paste) - I bet you already know this!

    Home / End (Top / Bottom) - These will help you to go to the Top or Bottom of a Page in a Jiffy.

    CTRL + Click (Not for Opera) (Open Link in Background) - Open a link in a Background Tab without interfering your work.

    CTRL + U (Source) - View the source code of the current website.

    CTRL + left Click (Save Images (Opera Only)) - In fact this is a really a very handy shortcut that will save time. Why need to right click on an image and select the Save Image... option? Just Hold down the Ctrl key and click the left mouse button.

    CTRL + Shift + T or (CTRL + Z also works in Opera) (Restore Tab) - This will help you to quickly reopen or recover previously closed Tab easily.

    Some Additional Time Saver Keyboard Shortcuts

    In fact these are some really useful shortcuts to save your time and energy.

    You can save a lot of time by excluding the www., .com , .org, .net etc. There are simple keyboard shortcuts that can do these jobs very easily. We actually need to enter the name of the website only in the address bar of the browser.

    Enter name of the website in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to auto-complete http://www. and the .com/ parts automatically. For example, type computingunleashed in the address bar and press CTRL+ENTER, the browser will automatically make it

    Like wise SHIFT+ENTER will auto-complete the .net domains and CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER auto-completes the .org

    If you feel that the mouse more comfortable and than the keyboard shotcuts, then i recommend you to, first try these shortcuts for a day or two to familiarize them. Once you do it you wont go back. And if you know any more shortcuts to be included please comment it down. I will surely include them in the post.

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    Thursday, August 6, 2009

    Read Popular Paid Magazines For Free Online - How To

    Why should you spend money for subscribing to Popular Paid Magazines when you can read them completely Free of Cost? If you are interested in reading popular Paid Magazines like PC MAGAZINE, MAXIMUM PC, Forbes Asia, National Geographic, EcoMag, Popular Science, Business Week and a lot of others. Today i came across Magme a website which provides popular paid magazines free of cost for online reading. MagMe is an online service platform that provides a free distribution channel for digital publications.

    Read Popular Paid Magazines Free OnlineWhen you visit magme as a guest i.e. without registering you can flip through the pages of the magazines like you are reading the pages of a book. You can also comment on them. By reading as a guest you also can browse through the Index Pages of the Magazines. By registering you get even more features and it is Free too.

    Read Popular Paid Magazines Free Online
    MagMe is a 100% FREE online publish services provider.
    The Magazines are displayed with excellent quality and is very easy to read them. The reading experience into a dynamic and interactive one.The pages are loaded one by one. You can navigate by the Next and Previous buttons.
    Dont miss this site friend you can bookmark it for later use too.

    Visit Magme

    Friends, Don't forget to comment your Opinions about the same

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    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Photoshop Plugin to Convert PSD's To Wordpress Themes Easily

    There are automatic translators from English into French, right? Why can’t there be software that translates the artistic language of effects, brushes and filters into HTML code? It is not a simple task to Create a Nice Looking Wordpress Theme with vaild XHTML-CSS code. It takes a lot of hours for web designers to complete this task. There is a lot of hard work done behind the creation of a professionally looking Wordpress Theme. Most of us prefer a nice and clean looking theme for our site. Dont we ? It is hard for a beginner to create a good looking Wordpress theme without having and knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP etc. But most of the users know to use Adobe Photoshop well. Atleast to a great extent. It is easier to create design in a PSD format. So here is some thing good for all the newbie website owners. You can now Convert a PSD file to a Wordpress Theme which is clean, widget-ready and valid XHTML-CSS code .

    Divine is a Photoshop Plugin to Convert PSD files to Wordpress Themes. The codes produced by Divine is SEO (Search Engine Optimized)friendly and optimized for getting the top positions in the search engines.
    What makes Divine really helpful is that you don't require any CSS coding skills to create clean and valid CSS wordpress themes.
    Plugin to Convert PSD's To Wordpress Themes Easily
    Despite of its greatness there are some small limitations for Divine too.
    There can be only up to 5 user specified items.
    The images are saved in GIF format only.
    A “Built with Divine” link will be displayed at the themes footer. You can remove it manually.
    Layout size must not exceed 1000×2000px or be smaller than 750×1000px.

    How to Use Divine To convert PSD to Wordpress Themes

    To start creating a Wordpress Theme we need to first load the required PSD file which we created into Photoshop ( You can create a PSD by yourself or get a Free PSD from the web). Then using the available Divine tools we need to assign the respective wordpress elements like header, post title, sidebar, footer etc. in the PSD image.
    Divine will then automatically generate the required HTML / PHP codes for them. After all the elements have been assigned properly, Just Press the Publish button.
    If you have provided the FTP details for your server in Divine, the theme will be automatically uploaded.
    If you love creating nice wordpress themes Divine is a must try Tool.

    Download Divine Plugin for Photoshop

    If you have read this post Don't forget to say a few words about this Wonderful Plugin!

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    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Backup/Restore Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & Internet Explorer with a Single Tool

    It was a tough time for me in the past when i really spend a lot of time for taking a backup of my favorite browsers, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. Everybody customizes their browser's to suit their needs. So it is important to backup their browser for preserving those customizations. I used to crawl into the Application Data folder and copy those needed files to another location. Thats how i used to take the backup of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari. When i format my pc and reinstall windows i copy them back after installing them. Thats how i preserved my bookmarks, browser history, extensions, visited links, preferences and plugin data. But now i backup all of my favorite browsers in a snap! with the help of FavBackup.

    Backup Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & Internet Explorer with a Single ToolFavBackup is such an awesome tool to backup Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & Internet Explorer in a Single Shot. FavBackup boasts a sleek and simple interface. It is sure to impress even the first time users.
    FavBackup needn't to be installed in your PC. It is a stand alone application and can be used without installing. You only need to run the small executable file of FavBackup.
    FavBackup currently supports Internet Explorer (6-8), Firefox (2-3.5), Opera 9, Safari (3-4) and Google Chrome (1-3).

    How to backup Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & Internet Explorer Browser Settings with FavBackup ?

    The process is very simple. After running FavBackup just choose Backup / Restore from the options displayed and followed by selecting the browser you need to back up / restore.

    Backup Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & Internet Explorer with a Single tool

    When a backup / restore has been completed successfully FavBackup displays a green check mark beside each of the items

    FavBackup is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. FavBackup is a Freeware and is a must have Browser Backup Tool for the daily internet user.

    Download FavBackup

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